We're Sorry

After 12 years on it's own, and several decades after it's inception as a service to users on AOL, PATH has decided to close. Most schools now offer the same services we provided, and the amount of daily traffic just made it infeasible to try to stay open.

For those of you who have used us since we started here, we thank you for your continued interest over the years. For those we have only discovered us recently, we apologize for the inconvenience.

To all the teachers and tutors who have helped out over the years, and especially to TchrJan, Writeacher, DrPhil and TchrGk, I offer my most sincere thanks for helping to keep us alive through the past few years. We'd have never survived without your dedication, time and energies. I would also like to thank DaveTch and Pat for their previous leadership as prior administrators of the group before me. I would also like to extend my sincerest gratefulness to MsErase, who was the driving force behind PATH when they first met me and asked if I could help them with somewhere to host and work. She passed away over 10 years ago, and her absence was palpable, and almost spelled the death of PATH, but we pushed on in her memory. Had she survived to this time, it's probable we'd be the go to site for all students who needed help with homework issues. She was the driving force behind the transition of PATH off of AOL and into an independent system. I am blessed to have been able to work along side all of you.

If anyone is interested in obtaining the domain names used by PATH, please send and email to dcaplinger[at]netgeezers[dot]com.

Kindest Regards,

Darian Caplinger (aka VorteX)
PATH Administrator
Co-Owner/Co-Chief NetAdmin
AceIRC Global Network
Co-Owner/Co-Chief Network Administrator
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